| BELDT: Force Thermogenic Review - Best Selling Fat Burner

BELDT: Force Thermogenic Review – Best Selling Fat Burner

Used by top fighters because it’s made for top fighters, the superior quality triple blend of BELDT: Force Thermogenic™ makes it the best fat burner around by intensifying the activation of skeletal muscle contractions while simultaneously blocking, breaking down and burning fat for much more taut and explosive (“spring-loaded”) lean muscle development.



Key components found in BELDT: Force Thermogenic™ actively provide the precursors and conversions agents necessary for optimization of nerve conduction, which increases strength through the power of multiplication: using more muscle fiber in a given movement. This action is further enhanced by the acceleration of lipolytic and thermogenic activity, leading to greater breakdown and utilization (burning) of visceral and subcutaneous fat stores.

Simply put: Superior formulations create superior athletes.


  • Premium powder form–the highest quality available–allowing for much more prompt disintegration, dissolution and stability of nutrients, resulting in unmatched potency and efficacy.
  • Comprised solely of vigorously-inspected, premium raw materials which undergo strict testing with HPLC, IR, GC, ICP and UV analysis.
  • Small dosage of only 2 capsules, without the need to repeat dosage throughout the day.
  • BELDT Labs utilizes only the most state-of-the-art and technologically advanced processing equipment available, with computer controls ensuring the highest standards of accuracy and quality throughout every stage of production.
  • All products are manufactured solely through labs certified for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) by way of third-party inspection.

Citrus Aurantium Extract (30% Synephrine): also known as bitter orange, citrus aurantium acts as a stimulant and appetite suppressant. Citrus Aurantium extract contains the alkaloids N-methyltyramine, octopamine, and synephrine. (1) Synephrine used alone or in combination with caffeine has been shown to increase weight loss in several clinical trials. (2)

Lobelia Intiata Extract: Lobelia Initiata has been widely used as a bronchodilator (for opening airways), which enhances and strengthens air circulation, along with improving respiratory innervation. (3)

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine: This is the more soluble and stable version of L-Tyrosine. The increased solubility and stability allows for greater bioavailability of this component. N-Acetyl L-tyrosine is metabolized to form: L-Dopa, Dopamine, Noradrenaline, and Adrenaline. (4)

White Willow Bark Extract (25% salicin): the extraction in this formula produced a content of 25% salicin, an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antipyretic agent. (5) Salicin has also been demonstrated to enhance the thermogenic effects of numerous components.

Theobromine: Extracted from the cacao plant, this alkaloid has been found to have a vasodilative function along with being used as a diuretic and stimulant. (6)

Evodia Rutaecarpa PE (10% Evodiamine): Evodiamine is both a thermogenic and stimulant. (7) It allows for an increase in basal metabolic rate, leading to an increase in caloric expenditure.

Inula Racemosa (1.2% Alantolactones): Alantolactones have been found to increase insulin sensitivity, resulting in lower fat stores in the body. (8)

Codonopsis Pilosula Extract: This extract has been found to strengthen the immune system, as well as dilating peripheral blood vessels in conjunction with inhibiting adrenal cortex activity, effectively lowering blood pressure. Codonopsis Pilosula has also been found in a double-blind study to improve cognitive function. (9)

Rutin 95% NF11: Has been found to lower blood viscosity and platelet aggregation, improving circulation. (10) Rutin 95% also works as an anti-inflammatory agent. (11)

Yohimbe PE (8% Yohimbine): Yohimbine is a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI), vasodilator, and thermogenic agent. It has been proven in one study to support significant fat loss in soccer players, in which no subjects reported any adverse side effects. (12)

Black Pepper PE: Black pepper extract has been shown to increase the bioavailability of various compounds. (13)


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Suggested use: Consume 2 capsules 30-45 minutes before exercise. If desired, an additional 2 capsules may be taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach during non-workout days. Under no circumstances should dosage be exceeded or the warnings be ignored. DO NOT EXCEED 2 CAPSULES IN ANY 24 HOUR PERIOD. Exceeding the recommended amounts or not following directions may lead to unwanted effects. Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under the age of 18, and individuals with known medical conditions should ALWAYS consult with a certified physician before using this or any other dietary supplement.

*When using BELDT: Force Thermogenic™, be sure to consume a minimum of 120 ounces of water daily in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise routine.