BELDT Force Thermogenic Reviews

BELDT: Force Thermogenic Reviews

From pros to amateurs, people everywhere are switching to BELDT Labs to shatter their high-intensity training plateaus. The question is: will YOU be next?

“BELDT is a fighter’s best friend… This is how supplementing should be!”

~ MMA Pro Danny Martinez, 17-4-0

“This stuff cooks! It’s like, once it’s in your system, that’s it. You’re good to go. And, I mean, I’ve been weight-training my whole life, and probably used just about everything out there, and I’ve got to say, BELDT ranks among the best! Really, it’s got everything I look for in a supplement. Very, very impressed.

~ John Melvin

“BELDT: Force Thermogenic™ has given me the body I always wanted. I’ve never felt so vicious!”

~ Sammie Magnusen

BELDT In The Press

BELDT, Force Thermogenic: Performance Enhancement… Enhanced?

Top fighters turn to SkyHook Nutrition’s new line of supplements for “explosive” athletic edge.

Los Angeles, CA

Faced with ever-swelling waves of competition, today’s athletes are consistently forced to seek new and better ways to stay on top, be it anabolic or thermogenic. Accordingly, every supplement retailer from Anchorage to Zanzibar also winds up flooded with more and more “performance enhancing” products which turn out to be either unsafe, or promise far more than they deliver. Sometimes both.

Every so often, however, a unique brand steps forth to set the new standard. Still weeks shy of its official Halloween launch, BELDT: Force Thermogenic™ has already managed to harness high laurels from top athletes and UFC training centers all across the U.S. The Force Thermogenic, specially designed and developed for pro fighters, is formulated to incite explosive muscular action and advanced thermogenesis.

“Explosive lands you the belt; everything else comes second,” says SkyHook Nutrition, LLC President, James Atkins, himself a lifelong fitness enthusiast and former martial artist. “It’s not about quick, it’s not about strong, and it’s not about lean. It’s about all three. That equals explosive. And that’s what makes a champion.”

According to research conducted through one leading sports pharmaceutical consulting firm, a certain key component contained within the supplement‘s superior quality triple blend actively provides “the precursors and conversions agents necessary for optimization of nerve conduction, [which increases strength] through the power of multiplication: using more muscle fiber in a given movement, which equals greater gains and hypertrophy in a shorter period of time.” This action is further enhanced by the synergy between BELDT: Force Thermogenic™’s key component and various other ingredients. In addition, the supplement accelerates lipolytic and thermogenic activity, leading to greater breakdown and utilization (burning) of visceral and subcutaneous fat stores.

BELDT: Force Thermogenic™ has even managed to extend its “explosive” allure beyond the octagons, as well. Florida powerlifter and strongman, John Melvin, recently implemented his pre-ordered Force Thermogenic into an intense weight-training regimen, with great results.

“I’ve been weight-training my whole life, and probably used just about everything out there,” says Melvin, “and I’ve got to say, BELDT ranks among the best. Really, it’s got everything I look for in a pre-workout supplement. Very, very impressed.”

Melvin chooses to combine (or “stack”) his BELDT with pure NO2 (nitric oxide) and creatine monohydrate, two of the most widely used and effective sports performance supplements on the market today, both of which BELDT: Force Thermogenic™ was specifically designed to complement. SkyHook Nutrition, LLC also has plans to launch its own pure NO2/creatine blend, NOTCH™, as well as a Force Feed™ Post-Workout Protein Binge™ sometime in the near future.

Could BELDT: Force Thermogenic™ be the next step in advanced athletic performance? If all the preemptive buzz has anything to say about it, that may very well be.

SkyHook Nutrition Launches BELDT: Force Thermogenic (TM) Following Sold-out Pre-orders

Lauded performance supplement aims to put more “spring-loaded” fighters in the octagon.

Los Angeles, CA

SkyHook Nutrition, LLC, designer of superior quality dietary supplements for elite fighters, officially releases BELDT: Force Thermogenic™, a new pre-workout performance enhancer scientifically formulated to incite more “spring-loaded” lean muscle development, and the first of its “Force Thermogenic™” class. Having sold out of pre-orders last month, just days after going live, SkyHook Nutrition has ramped up production to meet growing demand in anticipation of their October 31st launch.

The product works by intensifying the activation of skeletal muscle contractions through the creation of powerful neurotransmitters combined with other inherent co-factors (e.g., accelerated metabolism, increased energy, enhanced blood flow). This leads to greater bursts of force output (power), which can be invaluable to athletes engaged in rapid-paced, high-intensity sports, such as mixed martial arts.

According to SkyHook Nutrition, the purpose behind BELDT: Force Thermogenic™’s development was not to create more muscular athletes–in terms of mass–but more explosive athletes who are capable of much greater power, pound-for-pound. Positive word-of-mouth has supported this claim as generous praise has already begun to spread among top athletes and training centers all across the U.S.

BELDT: Force Thermogenic™ is made from a superior quality formula, comprised solely of vigorously-inspected, premium raw materials. In its rapid release-encapsulated liquid form–the highest quality available, of which only 2-3% of all supplements are currently made–the supplement allows for much more prompt disintegration and dissolution of the nutrients, resulting in greater potency and overall efficacy. In addition, BELDT: Force Thermogenic™ requires a small dosage of only 1-2 capsules, depending on user, without the need to repeat dosage throughout the day.

“We really spared no expense during development [of BELDT: Force Thermogenic™],” says SkyHook Nutrition president, James Atkins, himself a lifelong fitness enthusiast. “When you cut corners, you compromise the entire process. But when everything goes into premium components, research and manufacturing, you wind up with a product far greater than the sum of its parts. A product that can’t be matched.”