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SKALD Reviews Surpass 4.2 Stars; Beat Out Top Supplement Brands


Creators of bestselling performance products, BELDT Labs steal growing customer base from established competitors.

Los Angeles -- This fall, BELDT Labs commemorate a landmark achievement as SKALD reviews climb past 1,200 submissions, with an overall Amazon.com rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars, outperforming most other major supplement brands. The occasion marks the company's third consecutive year as best sellers.

BELDT Labs' Chief Operations Officer, James Atkins, attributes the brand's success to focusing on benefits other companies ignore.

"This generation of consumer won't tolerate yesterday's products," said Atkins. "Unfortunately, we still see too many other brands pumping out the same tired supplements, with little more than a heavier dusting of stimulants. And athletes are over it. That's why they turn to us now. They're smarter than ever, and demand more of themselves than ever. And they need their supplements to do the same."

"SKALD isn't just an amphetamine-packed bullet." Atkins added. "It's one of the most valuable endurance training partners you can have at your side."

SKALD: Oxydynamic Fat Scorcher is the very first thermogenic fat burner to offer respiratory support, a benefit that can effectively elevate blood oxygen levels. According to BELDT Labs, this "oxydynamic" effect can help improve thermogenesis in the mitochondria, which are organelles found in our body's cells that combine fatty acids with oxygen to produce energy. The more oxygen the mitochondria receive, the more efficiently these cells can burn fat.

BELDT Labs has even trademarked this fat loss technology as mitoTHERM-8™, regarding advanced mitochondrial ("mito") thermogenesis ("THERMO") combined with elevated oxygen levels (the number 8 being the atomic number for oxygen).

In addition to Amazon, BELDT Labs reviews continue to spread across the internet to more respected review sites, including Bodybuilding.com and BestThermogenics.com.

Customer Ely W. indicates his preference for BELDT Labs over other top brands. "Love this stuff. Gives you a shot of good, clean energy almost immediately. Has enabled me to really ramp up my workouts as well. I have never left a review on any other thermogenic I've tried, but I was so impressed with Beldt that I thought it was worth the time. Highly recommend, five stars!."

To read more SKALD reviews, please visit http://www.amazon.com/product-reviews/B016XPOWG8/


Stephan Bonnar Partners With BELDT Labs For Official Sponsorship

Los Angeles, CA - (Sherdog.com) In preparation for his upcoming Light Heavyweight title fight against MMA veteran, Tito Ortiz, at Bellator 131, UFC Hall of Fame inductee, Stephan Bonnar, forms an official partnership with premium performance nutrition brand, BELDT Labs, creators of popular fat burner, BELDT: Force Thermogenic.

In addition to prestigious UFC and Bellator accolades, Bonnar boasts a well-rounded history of combat training, including wrestling, boxing and Muay Thai. He currently holds a black belt in both Tae Kwon Do and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and has been a two-time Golden Gloves Champion in the Super Heavyweight division. Bonnar has also studied under legendary martial arts masters, most notably the late Brazilian jiu-jitsu champion, Carlson Gracie, as well as Sérgio Penha, under whom he currently trains.

"We've admired Stephan since the beginning of his career," says BELDT Labs COO, James Atkins. "We couldn't be prouder to have him on our team. I've said it before, and I stand behind it: we don't sponsor just anybody. We want guys who are not just amazing athletes, but also good people. You want to talk about a guy who really earned his Hall of Fame induction, it's Stephan."

Founded in 2011, BELDT Labs designs and sells premium quality performance supplements for MMA Fighters and similar athletes whose training requires much more explosive action than the average fitness enthusiast. Rapidly gaining popularity since inception, BELDT Labs products are used and backed by top athletes everywhere, with elite UFC and Bellator stars on its growing list of partners, including Stephan Bonnar and Joe Vedepo.


BELDT: Force Thermogenic Ranked #1 Bestselling Fat Burner for Second Time


LOS ANGELES, CA -- (Yahoo News) - Supported by raving reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers, BELDT: Force Thermogenic was ranked the number one bestselling fat burner on Amazon for the second time. BELDT Labs, creator and distributor of the premium quality supplement, announced that thanks to the growing popularity of the extremely effective fat burner amongst high-intensity athletes and professional mixed martial arts fighters, BELDT: Force Thermogenic stayed on top of Amazon's bestseller list for more than four weeks in a row. The enthusiastic reviews in the website's 5-star rating system reveal why people are lining up to buy the advanced performance blend. After taking the capsules for a couple of weeks, one customer raved: "I am really impressed with this product. Whenever I know I'm going to need a good boost or am going to have a hard long workout I grab BELDT. It really boosts my energy for the endurance of a long workout."

James Atkins, spokesperson for BELDT Labs, explains the idea behind the company's product portfolio and why he thinks they are so successful: "There's a growing segment out there who train for much more than just 'lean muscle'," says Atkins. "For them it's about endurance, speed and power, together. They need all three, and that takes more than just some generic, run-of-the-mill fat burner. While they still need the fat burning triggers, BELDT: Force Thermogenic also helps deliver greater bursts of energy, tighter focus and elevated mood."

While everybody can benefit from the outstanding fat-burning properties of BELDT: Force Thermogenic, it was specially designed for elite fighters and top athletes who are striving to boost their energy levels and muscular action while at the same time shedding fat and activating their blood flow. With only two capsules a day, filled with a powerful powder that can be easily absorbed by the body, athletes notice considerable changes to their overall performance right from the start. The company's signature product is complemented by two more potent supplements also developed by BELDT Labs to make sure all needs of motivated star sportsmen and women are met: CRUSCH: Ultimate Tri-Phase Creatine, which supplies the body with creatine to build incredible strength, trigger amazing muscle growth and achieve impressive recovery times and PULSS: Premium Nitric Oxide Load, which helps to incite tighter, denser muscular pumps thanks to an advanced blend of nitric oxide triggers.

BELDT Labs is a leading formulator and manufacturer of premium-quality nutritional supplements that were specifically developed for the unique needs of high-performance athletes. The success of BELDT Labs is based on two decades of experience in nutrition and fitness. After observing the market for sports supplements, the BELDT team realized that all available products were generic boosters that could not adapt to the specific needs of high-intensity athletes, which are very different from those of recreational gym visitors. Determined to fill this gap in the supply chain, BELDT Labs sought out leading, cutting-edge, and technologically advanced manufacturers to develop an innovative product line specifically for MMA fighters and high-intensity athletes. The result is three highly effective products that can be ordered online at http://www.beldtlabs.com.